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Aozora Canvas is the soundtrack featured in Doves, Mermaids and Pool Cleaning (episode 5), It is sung by Ari Ozawa, Uesaka and Mizuki.


Aozora Canvas[]

青空より青く 太陽より赤い 夏草より緑 向日葵より黄色 塗り重ねた日々にまた知らない色を重ねながら 僕らのんびり歩いてきた ねえ、大事なものはすぐ消えてしまうけど 下駄箱の中 校庭の隅 もう一度探しに行こう

鮮やかなこの日々が思い出になる前に 記憶の中に 心の中に 描き続ける 不器用な僕たちは言葉にできないから 呆れるほどに 笑えるほどに 描き続ける


Bluer than the blue of the skies

Redder than the sun

Greener than the summer grass

Yellower than the sunflowers

We spent our days painting

New colors on top of each other

With each new layer

We walked down life in no big hurry

All the things that matter

Vanish so quickly

But let's go look once more

Inside the shoe locker

In the corners of the schoolyard

Before these colorful days

Become nothing more than memories

In our hearts

In our minds

We'll paint on

In our minds

We aren't clever enough to put it into words

So we'll draw until we're bored

Until it gets silly

The life we live now

Until it gets silly

The life we live now