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The Art club is the place that the series most take place at. It is one of the student clubs in Tsukumori Middle School. Currently, only four members in the art club. The advisor of the club is Yumeko Tachibana.


Unknown it is whether true or not, but Mizuki Usami stated that all former members quits the club because of President's snore is too loud.

There are only four members currently in the club.

The former advisor is Koyama Yukio but was later become the advisor of the Newspaper Club. The current advisor of the art club is Yumeko Tachibana.

There was another room that connects to the Art Club's room.


  • Mizuki Usami - The female Art Club member who serves as the straight man of the group and probably the only one with common sense. She has feelings for Subaru, but usually denies it.
  • Subaru Uchimaki - An Art Club member who is not interested in 3D girls and always drawing 2D girls, hoping one day he would find a perfect (2D) bride, even though he can easily win any art contest if he tries.
  • Colette - An underclassman and an Art Club member who has only been in Japan for 6-7 years. She is easily drawn to things by curiosity.
  • President - President of the Art Club and a third-year student. Despite his position, the primary thing he does in the club room is sleeping.