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Colette (コレット Koretto) is one of the earliest introduced characters of the Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru! series. She is a first year student of Tsukumori Middle School and a member of the Art Club.


Since Colette is a foreigner, she has (long) blonde hair, with bangs tied up to the top of her head, and green eyes. She is usually seen wearing an innocent smile along with the standard school uniform.


Colette is the most playful character of all the characters in the series so far who is constantly seen making trouble and she is always filling her head with nonsense where she is seen by how she sometimes skips the club activities with creative reasons such as "the world is dangerous so I'm taking the day off".

Despite her erratic personality, she has occasionally shown that she is an open and innocent girl in reality. In most of the chapters, she often holds other people's hands and sometimes hugs them (most often Mizuki Usami and Subaru Uchimaki).



Mizuki Usami[]

Mizuki (along with the rest of the art club members) treats Colette as a younger sister. She is always willing to help Colette and was shown to be protective of her. Colette is aware of Mizuki's crush on Uchimaki, and seems to support their relationship, purposefully giving them time to be alone one instance.

Maria Imari[]

Colette and Maria are quite close, as she refers to her as 'master', Maria is also fond of Colette's innocence. Both of them are usually seen doing playful activities around the school, such as searching for a 'dangerous book' called Necronomicon.


  • The name Colette means "victory of the people" in French.


  • It was stated that Colette is a foreigner who lives in Japan due to her parents' careers. Since she had gotten so used to living in Japan, she decided to stay in Japan after her parents returned home, though it is not clear who she lives with currently.
  • Colette keeps a locket containing a selfie of her.
  • Sumire Uesaka (Colette's Japanese voice actor) is also the singer of the first anime ending song, cubic futurismo.