The Secret Room / Let's Have a Treasure Hunt!(秘密の部屋 / れっつとれじゃーはんと Himitsu no Heya / Rettsu Torejā Hanto)is the 8th episode of the Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru! anime series. It was aired on August 25, 2016.

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The Secret RoomEdit

Usami can't concentrate with the plaster figure that Collette painted, so they ask President to buy a new. He says that there is another one in the storage room next door. Usami and Uchimaki go to take it, but the door is out of alignment and they get stuck there until everybody leaves the school. Usami is very nervous due to stay alone and stuck together Uchimaki. After they tried a lot of unsuccessful ways to leave, Uchimaki finds a photo of the old art club members taken in storage room, so he realizes that there is a exit to art club room and they scape through it. Next day, they realize that the plaster figure is also doodled, and Colette call it "Bob".

Let's Have a Treasure HuntEdit

Usami is doing her homework in the art club room while Uchimaki and Imari are in the storage room reading mangas and speaking laudly, thus they are annoying Usami . After she complains the noise, they are too quiet, so Usami is worried about what they are doind. While she and Uchimaki discuss a bit, Imari finds a "secrete tresure map" hidden in a manga. That map has some codes to decipher:

Code 1: Leave the club room and head to the Little Room for Gentlemen; Imari discovers that "Little Room for Gentlemen" is the male restroom.

Code 2: Head where the "ko" visible from the window of the Little Room for Gentlemen; Uchimaki sees that katakana from the window.

Code 3: Find the letter of the alphabet; Imari realizes that the "ko" looks like a "U" seen from other angle.

Code 4: Take ? steps from the letter of the alphabet you just found. The number of steps is the number of sunflowers from 1853 to 1890. Usami notices that those are the Van Gogh's date of born and death. And the number of steps is the number of paintings Van Gogh made of sunflowers: Seven steps.

After diggind, they find the treasure underneath the indicated place. Despite their expectation and happiness for finding the treasure, they open the box and there is a erotic magazine.


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The Secret RoomEdit

Tachibana-sensei fears darkness.

Let's Have a Treasure HuntEdit

Imari has a shovel called "Gungnir Lance".

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The Secret Room

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The Secret RoomEdit

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