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Usami Mizuki (宇佐美 みずき, Usami Mizuki) is the main protagonist of the Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru! series. She is a second-year student of Tsukumori Middle School and a member of the art club.


Mizuki has brown eyes and neck-length brown bob-cut hair, with fringes covering her forehead. She often wears a white bunny hairpin on the left side of her hair.

She usually wears her standard school uniform; which consists of a Prussian blue blazer, a standard white collared shirt, a 2nd-year blue ribbon, a plain grey thigh-length skirt, and black socks that reach below the knee of her leg.


Mizuki is a very responsible and well-collected student; because of this, she is seemingly the only serious member of the art club. Though she tries her best to help her fellow art club members with their work at times, little progress has been made. While being a serious student with her academic and artistic work, she has also shown that she can easily be aggressively reckless when other people tease or irritate her [In the President's case, she will use her baseball bat to hit him when he takes pictures of her and accidentally drops her painting on the spilled paint]. Other than that, she is a tsundere and will get embarrassed when other people tease her about Subaru and her relationship with him.

She is also a kind and helpful person as shown when she is willing to help a mother to find her lost daughter. In school, Mizuki is also often trusted by teachers and offered to join the student council when she was first year.



Subaru Uchimaki[]

Usami has a crush on fellow art club member Subaru. Even though they often argue with each other, Usami still cares deeply about him. When Subaru feels what he has done is to mean, he may draw and give her a picture of her. Likewise, Usami attempts to help Subaru, for example, she bought and gave him a magazine to markdown various hairstyles when he was having trouble thinking of ideas for his "bride's" hair. He has complemented her once saying her ponytail is cute in the manga.

She has quite the "undirect" introduction to him a few years back even before they met, in one of Yurine Uchimaki's dialogues when talking about art to Young Mizuki in the past.

Maria Imari[]

Maria is the new girl that is in Subaru's class. At first, she thought that she wouldn't be able to get along with her but after seeing her help that boy with his balloon she changed her mind, but she still isn't sure. It is shown in the anime that at first, she was slightly jealous of Imari because she had the same interests as Subaru, but she soon stops seeing her as a rival, and more as a friend. Although she still gets jealous every now and then, it isn't as big as it was before due to the fact that they are closer and that she's more confident and she knows Uchimaki isn't going to fall for anyone easily.


Colette is also a member of the Art Club with Mizuki and is considered the little sister of the club. Colette has only been in Japan for 6-7 years and lives on her own because her parents moved out of the country when we wanted to stay. Even though it hasn't been proven that Colette comes from a rich or important family, there is a lot of evidence that she could be an heiress. Colette is also very curious, which usually gets her into tough predicaments.


Mizuki is very close to the President and treats him as an annoying older brother. He is aware of her crush on Subaru and occasionally hints at it during their club meetings, much to her chagrin.


  • Mizuki's surname Usami means "eaves, roof, house, heaven" (宇) (u), "help, aid" (佐) (sa) and "beautiful" (美) (mi).


  • Mizuki's zodiac sign is Aquarius.
  • Mizuki's father appears in Chapter 55.
  • She is shown to have a good sense of fashion.
  • Her mother confessed to her father at the same age she did in a festival using the same yukata she got to wear during the time she went on one with Uchimaki.

Usami small chest

Uchimaki complimenting Usami's ponytail