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Nonoka (ののか) is a third year student in Tsukumori Middle School and the childhood friend of President.


Nonoka has brown hair that is tied in low pigtails by two orange flower hairpin and she has her eyes cosed.

She wears standard school uniform with yellow ribbon signifying she is a third year.


Nonoka seems to be a Samaritan as seen in chapter 37 which she helps a student from her school from being bullied by other school students.

She seems very mind of President doing sexual harassment to his advisor. In spite of that, she offers him to come to her.


Chapter 37[]

Nonoka comes to art club to find President but she soon found President sleeping outside instead. After waking him up, she glares at him angrily because of she heard that he were sexually harassing his teacher again. Despite she mad at him, she still offers him to come to her whenever he wants, but, he refuses it because of her 'size' which make her hit him. She then wonder how to grow the 'size' of hers. President then tells her 'sleep does a body good' which she later states that is what she said to him.

After she tells him the story about the past, they see two students bullying one of their school student and she intends to save him. One of the students tries to punch her because of Nonoka and President are showing off their relationship but hit by President who protected Nonoka. She then states that President protected her properly this time which makes him blush from embarassment.



President and Nonoka have a close and friendly relationship. When they were in primary school, President often called her 'Nonoka-chan' and following her around.

She was shown that when President were sexually harassing his advisor, she will get mad: but, she still offers him to come to her whenever he wants.In public, she is not shy of calling President as her boyfriend. Unlike the others she can seen calling the Pres "Yoh-chan", it is unstated and unknown of the Pres's real name so Maria and Collete tried to guess it.

Mizuki Usami[]

Despite not much showing of interections in the manga it seems the two are very close. Just as the Pres will be the older brother Nonoka will be the older sister. She gives advice to Mizuki just as can be seen in the time she helped her pick a thank you gift for Subaru and her for the Pres. It can be stated that they can trust each other easily especially when it comes to their love interests.