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The President is a third-year student in Tsukumori Middle School and president of the art club. He is one of the first introduced characters of the Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru! series.


The President has neck-length messy black hair and gray eyes. He is taller than his fellow art club members.


When he was in primary school, he lacked courage and was easily frightened. In middle school he seems to be apathetic to most things but has also shown that he cares about the other art club members. After he has grew up, he became lazy and always sleeps whenever and wherever he can (though usually on the art club's sofa). However, he is shown to be a kind man who does good deeds if necessary and cares about his fellow club members.

Despite being the President of the art club, he barely (perhaps never) draws and hardly shows responsibility. Sometimes, he even uses the club's funds to improve his own sleeping condition, for example a new pillow or sofa.

His real name has never yet been revealed and as such is still unknown. His fellow art club members and even the teachers always call him President. However, his childhood friend Nonoka interestingly calls him Yoh-chan.




The President and Nonoka have a close and friendly relationship as they are childhood friends. When they were in primary school, the President often followed her around.

In chapter 37, it was shown that he cares about Nonoka and will protect her if someone intends to hurt her. However, he seems that he is a bit afraid of her and she is the reason that the President has his lazy personality and sleeping habit.

He can also be quite in denial when it comes to being appreciative of things Nonoka does and gets embarrassed easily when she reminds him of their childhood memories.

Mizuki Usami[]

Mizuki is very close with the President and treats him as an annoying older brother. He is aware of her crush on Uchimaki and occasionally hints at it during their club meetings, much to her chagrin. It has been hinted he did go to Mizuki's house before in a dialogue and also has good grades along with Mizuki who is an honor student.