Sayaka Honda is one of the supporting female characters in Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mokjojoondai ga Aru! series both the anime and manga. She is one of Mizuki Usami's close friends, They are students of the same class

Appearance Edit

Sayaka is a short girl, she has pale skin as well as short black hair with a shade of what appears to be light gray at the upper part of her hair. She has blue eyes

She is only seen wearing the school uniform

Personality Edit

She is a girl who appears to love teasing Mizuki about her crush on Uchimaki , She even made Mizuki say things about her love for Uchimaki like "I don't like drawing as much as Uchimaki" which made Mizuki regret and flustered not long after, It was on Episode 3. On the same episode later on her teasing went that far to place the two on the school newspaper.

Relationships Edit

Mizuki Usami Edit

Mizuki is her friend and they are classmates

Kaori Ayase Edit

Kaori is her friend and they are classmates

Ryōko Kunigawa Edit

They seem to be close friends,They are usually seen hanging around each other

Trivia Edit

  • She likes Milk Tea