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Yurine Uchimaki (内巻 ゆりね, Uchimaki Yurine) is one of the supporting female characters in the manga. She is a high school student and the older sister of Subaru Uchimaki.


She is blonde-haired and has red eyes. She has a similar appearance to Subaru Uchimaki. She made her first debut in a long high school frock kind of dress. She has big breasts in addition and has a pale skin.


She has a addiction to art like Mizuki Usami and is the president of her school's art club. She is seen to be supportive, responsible and busy character. She can also be rude at some times. She easily reads a person's mind and seems to catch things quickly. She also is a fun character while it comes to humour.



  • Yurine's surname Uchimaki means "inside, within" (内) (uchi) and "roll, volume" (巻) (maki).